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Men's RBX Classic Jersey

Men's RBX Classic Jersey

Part No. 64119-4201

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If performance is all that matters to you, we have a skinsuit we'd like to sell ya. But for the rest of us, there's value in matching performance with comfort, and when you do, you get something like our RBX Classic jersey.

It's made from our VaporRize™ knit fabrics that place a focus on balancing durability and moisture management, which means that you get a jersey that'll be long lasting and quite comfortable over the long haul.

Adding to the comfort, you'll find that we included a full-length front zipper for on-the-fly venting, as well as our just loose enough Regular Fit. This cut hits the sweet spot between race and classic, so it's perfect for long, all-out rides, yet it's roomy enough to avoid any pinching or the feeling of being constricted in your movements.

  • Lightweight, soft knit fabric is soft against the skin and supportive in all the right places.
  • Three standard pockets provide ample space to securely house all of your ride essentials and electronics.
  • Full-length front zipper gives you the power to manage ventilation under hard efforts or chilly descents.
  • UPF 30+ rating protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Regular Fit is generous, so it fits close to the body without being constricting.
  • Fabric Content: 100% Polyester
如果对您来说性能表现是首要的考虑因素,我们为您准备了连体衣。但对我们其他人来说,将性能表现和舒适性结合是很重要的,这就是我们RBX Classic骑行服的强项。 它采用我们的VaporRize™针织面料,注重于长时间舒适性和排汗性的结合,这意味着您获得了一件在长时间长距离骑行中始终能保持舒适体验的骑行服。 除了舒适以外,您会发现我们设计了全襟拉链,方便随时调节通风,而我们的标准版型则切入了竞赛和经典风格的平衡点。所以它既适合长时间在外骑行,也有充足的空间,以防止挤压皮肤,在运动中也不会产生束缚感。