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2Bliss Ready Tire Sealant

2Bliss Ready Tire Sealant

Part No. 54119-2000

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Our new 2Bliss Ready Tire Sealant was custom-designed in partnership with a leading laboratory for tire sealants, and it also underwent extensive real-world testing with our Factory Athletes. What we developed is an innovative, ecological formulation that's the answer to the requirements that riders like you've been demanding. It will immediately seal punctures up to 6mm, whether it be on a road or mountain tire, as well as across global temperatures [-20° to 70°C]. Natural, micro holes in the sidewalls will seal well, and the system is safe for use with latex inner tubes, even inside tubulars. Please note that this sealant is ammonium-, protein-, and latex-free, so it holds no potential for allergic reactions, and there's no risk of it creating damage to bike parts.

我们新的2Bliss Ready自补液是与先进的自补液实验室合作定制开发,并且通过了我们赞助车手的大量真实环境测试。我们开发的产品拥有创新,环保的配方,响应了您这样骑士的需求。它能够快速封堵最大6mm的破口,在公路车和山地车胎上都能使用,并且可以在全球[-20° 到70°C]的气温范围工作。侧壁上自然的细微小孔能够很好地被封闭,并且还能安全地与乳胶内胎,甚至在管胎内使用。请注意这款自补液不含氨,蛋白质或者乳胶,所以它不会造成过敏反应,也不会损伤自行车零件。