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Air Tool Comp V2

Air Tool Comp V2

Part No. 47220-2100

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Everybody needs a floor pump in their home, but not just any floor pump will do. You need something that's dependable, versatile, and accurate, like our new Air Tool Comp. It checks all the boxes with a dual-stage pressure gauge that delivers the low-pressure accuracy that your mountain bike tires require, while also matching the high-pressure needs of your road and gravel tires. At 365cc-per-stroke, it might not match the MTB floor pump, but this one fills big tires fast and makes for a great all-arounder that’ll get you out the door and riding—fast.

每个人家里都需要一个落地气筒,但并不是所有的落地气筒都适合。您需要的是可靠的,多功能的,准确的,像我们的新款Air Tool Comp。它功能全面,配备双级压力表,支持您的山地自行车轮胎所需的低压精度,同时也能满足您公路和Gravel轮胎的高压需求。单次充气量365cc,它可能和MTB落地气筒不太一样,但用它为大轮胎打气也很快快,而且它是个多面手,以便您能迅速出门骑行。