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Air Tool MTB Mini Pump with Spool

Air Tool MTB Mini Pump with Spool

Part No. 47218-3010

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Mini pumps are best suited to be carried in your SWAT™ bib or jersey pocket, but it must be small enough to leave room for a tube and lever. Lucky for you, small size delivers big performance in this aluminum Air Tool MTB Mini pump that features an integrated tube spool and lever (included) to organize all your off-road tire fixing needs.

  • All new inverted, double chamber design increases the air handling capacity by 20% compared to our previous design, reducing pumping time by up to two minutes.
  • Includes an ingenious tube spool to compactly store the tube of your choice without the risk of damage from rubbing against the valve stem.
  • Integrated locking tab for included SWAT™ lever.
  • Twist locking head reduces size and can be easily converted to fit Presta or Schrader valves.
  • Machined outer barrel for extra grip while pumping.
  • Aluminum inner and outer chamber for durable performance.
  • Max pressure: 60 PSI (4.1bar)
  • Volume-per-stroke: 55cc
  • Traditional frame bracket (47218-9003) sold separately.
  • Tube not included.
迷你打气筒很适合装在你的SWAT背带骑行裤或者骑行服口袋里,但是它必须足够小,留出空间给内胎和撬胎棒。你走运了,这款小尺寸铝合金Air Tool MTB迷你打气筒带来高性能,采用整合内胎收纳设计并自带撬胎棒,满足你越野骑行时修补轮胎的需求