Air Tool Sport Floor Pump

Air Tool Sport 落地式气筒

Part No.: 47214-2252

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This economical, all-metal Air Tool Sport SwitchHitter II Floor Pump comes with all of the essentials for easy inflation and an accurate reading.
  • 2.0" (50mm) gauge has 0-160 PSI (0-11 bar) range and +/-3% accuracy.
  • SwitchHitter he... Read More
这款经济的全金属Air Tool Sport SwitchHitter II落地式打气筒带来便捷的充气和精准的度数。
  • 50mm气压表拥有0-160 PSI测量范围,精确度+/-3%
  • SwitchHitter气嘴,美嘴法嘴自动切换
  • 符合人体工程学的飞翼式把手
  • 钢制基座与筒身
  • 42" (106cm) 气管
  • 可购买替换配件用于重建
  • 单次充气量: 326cc