All Condition Armadillo Reflect

All Condition Armadillo Reflect

Part No.: 00014-3225

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The All Condition Armadillo Reflect continues to be the leading tire for anyone who needs top performance blended with maximum flat protection. This workhorse tire is impressively tough for touring and commuting, as well as being tough enough t... Read More

All Condition Armadillo Reflect依然是高性能结合高防爆特性的表率。这款轮胎任劳任怨,能经得起长距离骑游和通勤,也坚固耐用,能适应艰难的路面环境。更棒的是这个版本带有反光装饰,在低照度环境下提升您的可见度。
  • 胎体:60TPI
  • 胎唇:钢丝
  • 胶质:60a
  • 防刺技术:Armadillo
  • 700 x 25mm,气压范围(psi):110-125,重量约400g