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All too often, corners are cut to meet price-points in the entry-level road bike market, but the Allez redefines what it means to be "entry level." Focusing on weight, refinement, and reliability like nothing else in its class, the Allez is the first to make these technologies accessible to everyone. Whether you"re just getting into road cycling, commuting, or looking for a new bike, the Allez is just as performance-packed as it is versatile.

  • With an eye on keeping maintenance to a minimum, oversized pivot bearings increase durability while a common size across all pivots makes service and replacement a breeze when that day does come around. A threaded SRAM DUB bottom bracket continues on the theme with worry-free performance.
  • The active, planted feel of the Status’ FSR suspension design and Fox’s DPX2 rear shock equipped with our Rx Trail Tune make for perfect friends—and plenty of benefits. Calling on a twin-tube design that allows for two separate oil pathways during compression and rebound, the DPX2 rear shock provides plenty of support for big hits while still offering enough buttery small-bump sensitivity to keep you fresh for when the style points really count.
在入门级公路自行车市场中,为了满足价格特点,常常偷工减料。但Allez重新定义了“入门级”概念。 Allez专注于重量,精致性和可靠性,是同系列产品中首个能让所有人享受这些技术的产品。 无论您是刚刚爱上公路车,上下班通勤还是正在寻找新的爱车,Allez的性能和它的用途一样丰富。 配置方面,这款Allez搭载了传奇的Shimano 105变速,为您带来卓越的性能和价值。耐用的DT R460 铝合金轮组,我们全新的超舒适Body Geometry Bridge座垫以及防护性能良好的Espoir Sport轮胎。