Alpinist Seatpost

Alpinist 座管

Part No.: 28121-3700

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Mass is the enemy of performance, so we pulled out all the stops to make the Alpinist Seatpost the lightest post we’ve ever seen that passes our standards. At 136 grams (27.2mm x 300mm), it’s about as light as you’ll find. Not only does light weig... Read More
重量是性能的对立面,所以我们全力以赴使Alpinist座管尽可能得轻盈,且能达到我们的性能标准。136g(27.2mmx 300mm),是否足够抓住您的眼球?轻量不仅能让您爬得更快,还有助提升加速和骑乘品质。Alpinist 2螺钉可微调座垫加长导轨托架,可确保更精确的调试和安全性。两种规格,27.2mm x 300mm 和 27.2mm x 360mm,都带有12mm后飘。Roval 有限终身质保政策适用。
  • 高科技的复合材料结构,轻盈可靠。
  • 2螺钉,可微调夹具与46mm座垫导轨托架,支持0mm-20mm有效偏移。
  • Roval 有限终身质保政策。
  • 两种规格可选:27.2mm x 300mm x 12mm 偏移, 27.2mm x 360mm x 12mm 偏移。
  • 约136g (27.2mm x 300mm),
  • 承重限制:125kg