Anodized Clamp 7+9mm

7+9MM 阳极氧化座管头

Part No.: 2812-9050

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This is a re-engineered clamp with an optimized center-loaded bolt design. That's fancy talk for it equalizing load distribution, so making position adjustments is now super easy. And with this clamp set you'll be able to clamp metal 7x7mm sadd... Read More

重新设计的座管夹采用优化的中心承载螺钉,可平均分布载荷,轻松调节座垫位置。可固定7x7毫米金属坐垫轨道和Specialized 7x9毫米FACT碳纤维坐垫轨道。
  • 7x7毫米和7x9毫米修补座管夹组件,兼容多种采用圆柱形单钉座管夹设计的Specialized公路车座管。
  • 采用全新的座管夹设计,可以有效防止座垫滑动。
  • 兼容:Shiv Carbon Post、S-Works Carbon Post、CG-R Carbon Post、S-Works SL Pave Carbon Post、Command Post XCP、Venge Carbon Post