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Burra Burra Drypack 23

Burra Burra Drypack 23

Part No. 41117-5104

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The Burra Burra Drypack 23 provides weatherproof protection for your larger gear, as it has nearly twice the volume of its smaller counterpart, the Drypack 13. Along these lines, it will only fit securely on flat bar bike rigs via our Harness, but its rolltop design permits access to its contents from either end of the pack. It also features an incredibly durable and water-resistant 100D Cordura® ripstop construction, plus an external zipper pocket for easy access to your on-the-fly items like phones, maps, or keys.

Burra Burra Drypack 23为您更大的装备提供各种天气的保护。它比小一号的版本,Drypack 13大了将近一倍,所以它只能通过我们的安装组件用于平把车款,但是卷式开口设计让它可以从两侧取放物品。它还拥有结实耐用并且防风防水的100D Cordura® ripstop尼龙材料,以及外部拉链口袋,让您可以随时取放例如手机、地图或者钥匙等物品。