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Butcher DH

Butcher DH

Part No. 00115-0003

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The tread of choice for our World Cup Downhill Team, the Butcher DH tire excels in the gnarliest terrain imaginable. It does this by featuring fast rolling, ramped center knobs and perfectly sized shoulder knobs for bite in the corners. And with butyl inserts at the tire bead, we even have you covered against pinch flats when the trail gets particularly rowdy.

我们需要的是真正世界杯速降车队的首选胎纹,Butcher DH在恶劣地形中闪耀。它拥有带斜坡,滚动快速的中齿和尺寸适宜的边齿,在弯道中紧紧抓地。胎唇处的丁基胶内衬在路况变得特别恶劣的时候防止爆胎。