Cascade Cage II


Part No.: 43014-0001

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The Cascade Cage II features a composite construction that's lightweight, reliable, and incredibly well priced. Bottle retention and grip are both rock solid, and the design is sleek and attractive. Add it all up, and you have a water bottle cage ... Read More
Cascade Cage II水壶架采用复合材料,轻盈、可靠,并且定价精准。水壶的收纳相当稳固,设计流畅而富有吸引力。总之您将会得到一款外观和性能都相当过人的水壶架。
  • 时尚而不失功能性的设计
  • 稳固的水壶固定,同时易于取放
  • 可固定高款或矮款水壶
  • 重量:50g