Command Post SRL LE

Command Post SRL LE

Part No.: 28117-3197

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The Command Post SRL LE puts the SRL lever on a diet, so yeah, it's noticably lighter. And if you have a one-by drivetrain, this lever gives you the option to control your Command Post from where the front shifter would "normally" mount to the ... Read More

Command Post SRL LE再SRL的基础上再次减重,没错,它轻了不少。如果您使用的是单盘传动系统,这款线控让您得以从原本前拨拨杆的位置操纵您的升降座管。
  • Command Post线控拨杆,适合现代的单盘传动系统
  • 注塑成型的拨杆轻盈耐用,表面纹带防滑纹理
  • 高品质衬套带来顺滑操作手感
  • 精心设计的杠杆比带来轻盈的操作手感
  • 需要额外的安装组件(Command Post SRL夹环,SRAM Matchmaker或兼容的配件)