Contour XC Grips

Contour XC 把套

Part No.: 25514-1151

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Designed in conjunction with the acclaimed hand surgeon and avid cyclist, Dr. Kyle Bickel, the Contour XC Grips were developed to meet the high demands of cross country riders. As a result, the exclusive design greatly relieves hand pressure wh... Read More

与同为骑行爱好者的手部外科专家Kyle Bickel博士共同研发。我们的Contour XC把套就是为了满足XC骑士的高要求而设计。这一特殊的设计能大幅度降低手部压力,同时提供优异的操控。粘手而又耐用的材质让你在弯道和摇车时毫无顾忌。

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