Cotton Tall Logo Socks

Cotton Tall Logo骑行袜

Part No.: 64722-3002

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  • Lightweight underfoot cushion adds an extra buffer to trail or road vibration, which also combats friction and hotspots over the course of a ride.
  • Mesh construction at top toe area allows for extra ventilation.
  • PowerBand... Read More
  • 足底轻量级缓冲,额外吸收林道或路面的震动,同时更好地应对在骑行中的摩擦力和压迫点
  • 脚趾顶部网布结构带来更好的通风
  • PowerBand足弓设计能在一定程度上支撑脚底,保持关键位置的形状与贴合。
  • 7英寸筒高(M码)。
  • 面料成分:100% 棉