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Deflect™ Comp Shoe Covers

Deflect™ Comp Shoe Covers

Part No. 64916-0103

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Mother Nature is always in flux, but mankind is both smart and adaptable. In other words, whenever she changes her mood, we always have the right tool for the job. And when that job is protecting against blustery, cold conditions, the right tool is our Deflect™ Comp Shoe Covers.

Compared to our Element line of shoe covers, Deflect™ places more of a focus on wind resistance, so you'll find a stretchable construction with lightweight insulating properties. And to make getting in and out of the covers easy, we also included a rear zipper.

  • Deflect™ fabrics feature a good amount of stretch and a brushed back interior to ensure a light level of insulation and protective warmth in chilly conditions.
  • Abrasion-resistant bottom and toe panels increase the covers' lifespan.
  • A universal cleat opening makes these covers compatible with either road or mountain shoes.
  • Reflective elements increase your visibility to motorists and other riders in low-light conditions.
  • Rear Velcro® closure makes getting the covers on and off a breeze.
大自然总是在不停的变化当中,而人类则聪明而善于适应。换句话,在大自然的心情变化之时,我们总能有适当的工具来应对。当任务变成抵御寒冷环境时,这个正确的工具就是Deflect™ Comp鞋套。 与我们的element系列相比,Deflect™更注重于防风。所以您会看到带有轻度保暖性能的弹性结构。为了让穿脱更容易,我们还加入了后部拉链。