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Deflect™ H2O Road Jacket

Deflect™ H2O Road Jacket

Part No. 64420-6322

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Getting caught in the rain is one thing, but starting your day in lousy conditions is a whole other story. And for when the heavens are open and the water is pouring at the start of your day, we have the Deflect™ H2O Road Jacket.

The solution to this problem all starts with the materials, which is why we used our own 2.75-layer Deflect™ fabric for the construction. This woven fabric rests at the pinnacle of active weather protection, boasting equal parts breathability and wind/water resistance. And furthering these features, the jacket includes protective wrist seals and watertight, coated zippers throughout.

The jacket also features a drawstring at the bottom hem to prevent wheel-spray from infiltrating the jacket, while a heightened collar performs similar duties at the neck. Meanwhile, we included a zippered pocket at the rear to house and protect your ride essentials and electronics.

出门遇到雨是一回事,但是整天都从糟糕的环境开始就是另一个故事了。当天空开裂,水从一开始就不停下落的日子,我们推荐Deflect™ H2O公路骑行夹克