Direct-Mount Reserve Rack

直装式 Reserve Rack 补给架

Part No.: 27116-9930


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Hydration on the road is critical, and the Direct Mount Reserve Rack helps ensure that you have adequate supplies of H2O, or your liquid nutrition of choice, right there when you need it. This simple water storage solution holds up to two water... Read More

在公路骑行中补水非常重要,所以直装式Reserve Rack能让您携带更多的水和液体营养补给,并且方便您取放。这一水壶收纳方案让您多携带两个水壶,同时拥有优雅而破风的造型,能够方便地安装在任意拥有SWAT™安装座的座垫上。

  • 专门设计为可以用螺丝固定在兼容SWAT™的座垫下
  • 可以在坐垫后面携带最多两个水壶,保持空气动力学优势
  • 可单独购买安装座或包含两个黑色Rib Cage