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Element 2.0 Gloves

Element 2.0 Gloves

Part No. 67219-3201

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There's Arctic cold and then there's the cold we can all relate to. So when you're set on riding in temperatures at or near freezing, our Element 2.0 gloves are the perfect choice. They feature a Gore® WINDSTOPPER® upper and 200g Primaloft® insulation, so they're guaranteed to stave off windy chills and cold weather—all without compromising bar feel or dexterity.

有北极的寒冷,也有我们都会遭遇的寒冷。所以当您在接近冰点的温度下骑行时,我们的Element 2.0手套是上佳选择。手背处采用Gore®WINDSTOPPER®和200g Primaloft®隔热层,因此它们可以保证在不影响握感和灵巧性的前提下,抵御寒风和寒冷天气。