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Element Cycling Bib Tights

Element Cycling Bib Tights

Part No. 64220-1102

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Hitting the road and riding in the cold takes a special kind of dedication and mental fortitude. But with this in mind, we built our Element Cycling Bib Tights to be your perfect training partner this winter.

To start, they're partly made from one of the most protective, warming materials in the business—Element Soft Shell. This material is extremely wind- and water-resistant, and it's also highly efficient at wicking moisture away from the skin, while remaining soft against the skin and quite breathable. And to further protect against the cold, select panels of the tights are constructed from our insulating Therminal™ fabric.

Both materials possess the perfect amount of stretch, which complements the articulated cycling cut of the tights. Essentially, this all adds up to a complete freedom of movement throughout the motions of cycling, and this equates to the elimination of any rubbing, pinching, or chafing. And to ease entry and exit of the tights, we've also included an eight-inch ankle zipper.

For the insert, you'll find our Body Geometry 3D Contour Chamois. It features a variable density design that places support and padding where you need it, not where you don't. Additionally, the chamois has a brushed face, providing a touch of added warmth and moisture management.



面料都拥有恰到好处的弹力,和立体剪裁的骑行版型相辅相成。最终这带来了骑行时自如的活动,同时几乎消除了摩擦、挤压或者剐蹭。 为了方便穿脱我们还在脚踝处加入了8英寸的拉链。

为了确保长裤的舒适,我们采用了Body Geometry 3D Contour 裤垫,它拥有多重密度设计,在身体需要的部位提供恰到好处的支撑。此外,它拥有抓绒表面,带来一点保暖效果和更好的水汽控制。