Element Shoe Covers

Softshell 保暖鞋套

Part No.: 64321-3102

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For a little extra protection in the cold for your toes, slip on a pair of the Element Shoe Covers—they're the perfect winter accessory to ensure your feet stay warm and dry.

  • Abrasion-resistant bottom and toe panels increase the cov... Read More
  • 脚底耐磨及鞋头加固设计,延长使用寿命。
  • 通用锁片开口,兼容公路及山地锁鞋。
  • 面料成分:44%涤纶,38%尼龙,14%弹力棉,4%PU;脚趾&脚跟部位:100%涤纶。