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Element Toe Covers

Element Toe Covers

Part No. 64320-3302

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If you've never experienced the pain of riding with ice blocks for feet, consider yourself lucky. For the rest of us, however, it's a feeling that we'd be happy to never experience again. But without pieces like our Element toe Covers, history is doomed to repeat itself this winter.

  • Soft Shell fabric provides resistance to both wind and water, without sacrificing anything to breathability, comfort, or layering ability.
  • Abrasion-resistant bottom and toe panels increase the covers' lifespan.
  • Universal cleat opening means that the covers are compatible with both road and mountain shoes.
  • Fabric Content: Knit 44% Polyester, 38% Nylon, 14% Elastane, 4% PU

如果您从未在骑行时遭遇过脚踩冰块般的痛苦,那您很幸运。 但是,对于我们其他人来说,我们很高兴再也不需要忍受这样的痛苦。 Pick我们的Element 鞋头套,历史今冬不再重演。

  • 软壳面料,防风防泼水,同时兼容透气性和舒适性。
  • 耐磨脚底及鞋头加强设计,延长使用寿命。
  • 通用锁片开口,兼容公路及山地锁鞋。
  • 面料含量:针织44%的涤纶,38%尼龙,14%弹力棉,4%PU