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Enduro Comp Shorts

Enduro Comp Shorts

Part No. 64219-5100

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Enduro could be characterized as all-around riding, with equal parts uphill and downhill. Likewise, our Enduro Comp Shorts are designed to be true all-rounders on the trail, leaving you with plenty of comfort, performance features, and strength to tackle just about any trail. To make sure of it, we made them from a woven version of our lightweight and ultra-breathable VaporRize™ fabrics. As a result, the shorts are more than tough enough to take repeated spills while you"re finding your line (or losing it), without sacrificing anything to comfort. In terms of fit, you"ll find that these shorts fit nicely between our Atlas and Demo lines, meaning that they"re certainly baggy but don"t go over the top with it. As a result, we cut them to fall just around the bottom of the knee (about three inches shorter than the Demos) with plenty of room for light armor or kneepads. There are also side waist adjustment tabs that keep the waist where you want when the pockets are loaded. And for all-year riding, the Enduro Comp shorts have the added benefit of being treated to be water-repellant.
  • VaporRize™ woven fabrics are treated to be water-repellant, while remaining durable, stretchy, and lightweight for peace of mind on the trail.
  • Two zippered pockets provide convenient, secure space to store your trail essentials, while a SWAT™ access side zipper interfaces seamlessly with SWAT™ bib shorts for immediate access to your gear and nutrition.
  • Side waist adjustment tabs ensure that the fit of the shorts is easily customizable and dialed-in, even when your pockets are loaded.
  • Deflect™ UV 50+ protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • 13.5" inseam (size 34 waist) fall low around the knee for a roomy fit that leaves plenty of room for pads.
Enduro可以被定义为全能的骑行,上坡和下坡同样重要。于此相呼应,我们的Enduro Comp骑行短裤也是精雕细琢的全能选手,给您带来充足的舒适性,运动表现和强度,支持您挑战各种线路。


贴合性方面,您会发现它正处于Atlas和Demo系列之间,这意味着它比较宽松,但是却不会很长。我们让它的长度正好差不多过膝(大约比Demo短3英寸),拥有足够的空间来容纳轻型的护腿或者护膝。它们还拥有侧面的腰围调整,让您在口袋里装了东西的情况下保持腰部位置不变。为了应对全年气候变化,Enduro Comp骑行短裤还增加了防泼水表面处理。