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Enduro Jersey

Enduro Jersey

Part No. 64119-2721

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A quality jersey shouldn"t set you back a quarter of your monthly rent. And with this in mind, we created the Enduro jersey. It"s made from our high-end VaporRize™ fabric that"s light, airy, breathable, and incredible at wicking sweat away from the body. And for the eco-conscious among us, it also has the added benefit of being made from environmentally-friendly recycled coffee and carbon yarns. But more than just a feel good sentence to talk about over coffee (before you compost it), these features actually work to accelerate moisture management and to neutralize odors. With the fabric dialed-in, we set about creating a fit that"ll work for riders over the entire mountain—not too loose, not too tight—and we"d like to think that we nailed it. You"ll find the roominess to be just right, and there"s still plenty of room for light pads or body armor. And to round things out, you"ll find a comfortably casual crew neck collar.
  • VaporRize™ fabric is made from environmentally-friendly recycled S.Café® coffee yarns that dry quickly and neutralize odor..
  • Crew neck collar keeps things casual and comfortable.
  • Deflect™ UV 30 protects your skin from harmful, ultraviolet rays.
  • Regular Mountain Bike Fit is generous and comfortable.
只是因为天气的热情并不意味着要点燃口袋里的钞票。我们认为出去价格因素之外您值得用上更好的产品。这就是为什么我们倾尽全力打造Enduro Comp骑行服。

它使用了我们高品质的VaporRize™面料,轻量化,通风,透气,拥有令人难以置信的排汗能力。并且基于环保意识的考虑,它使用了环保回收的S.Café® 咖啡和碳丝。但这不仅仅喝咖啡时给自己一个良好感觉的谈资(在你倒掉咖啡渣之前),它还能实实在在地帮助水份管理和抑制异味。