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Fast Trak Sport

Fast Trak Sport

Part No. 00118-4060

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We view speed and control as a right, not a privilege, which is why we took the tread design of the Fast Trak Sport tire a step further by manipulating each knob with Finite Element Analysis. Paired with extensive rider feedback and design experience, the result is an XC tire with less rolling resistance, more traction, and a rugged casing that's ready for anything.

速度和操控性是每位骑行者基本的要求,我们运用FEA分析技术将Fast Trak Sport的胎齿设计进一步优化,结合大量测试车手的反馈和我们的设计经验,打造出这款滚阻更低、附着力更高、更坚固耐用的XC轮胎。