Fast Trak Sport

Fast Trak Sport

Part No.: 00122-4063

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The Fast Trak Sport has become synonymous with fast and lightweight tires that are able to handle the most technical courses and the most grueling conditions. This model redefines what was thought possible with a cross-country tread design. Our... Read More

Fast Trak Sport轮胎代表着轻盈与快速,它能够应对高难度的赛道和格外艰苦的环境。这一型号重新定义了XC胎纹设计的可能性。我们的叠加式胎齿设计采用更高的自适应内齿来插入和抓住地面以获得循迹性,而更大的外围结构支撑内齿以带来更好的速度、循迹性、支撑和稳定的操控。此外,Fast Track的胎体形状和胎齿间距也针对配合多种宽度的车圈使用做了优化。

  • 胎面:60TPI
  • 胎唇:钢丝
  • 26 x 2.35", PSI 25-50, 重量约710g.
  • 27.5 x 2.35", PSI 25-50, 重量约740g.
  • 29 x 2.35", PSI 25-50, 重量约820g.