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Flux™ 1250 Headlight

Flux™ 1250 Headlight

Part No. 49121-1610

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The newest top-of-the-line Flux headlight continues the Flux tradition of optimal beam pattern, wide variety of mounting options, and super rugged construction. Compared to the Flux 1200, the Flux 1250 increases lumens and runtime, throws in the helmet and camera-style mounts, while dropping the price. BOOM!

Mode Shift user interface gives you three steady modes for just the right mix of lumens and runtimes to match riding conditions. Press-and-hold to enter the secondary modes, where you will find a Steady Flash mode for increased visibility in urban conditions, a Flash mode for daytime use, and 10 and 20 hour flashlight modes for bikepacking conditions, or when you forget to recharge and need to maximize the last few percent of battery life.

IPX7 waterproof means this light can survive being submerged 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. No, it's not meant for scuba diving. But is can handle anything you can throw at it on two wheels.

  • Sculpted double beam pattern uses separate optics for wide and spot beams to put light where you need it and maximizes every lumen. The result is a beam pattern that torch-style lights can't touch.
  • Latest CREE XP-L High Intensity LEDs combines XM-L level of output in a tighter 3.5mm package for maximum lumens with better beam pattern control.
  • Quick-release bar mount works on 22.2, 25.4, and 31.8mm bars to put the light above, below, or in front the stem to clear cables and computer mounts.
  • Also includes helmet mount and action camera style mount to give you every option to blow up the night.
  • Premium 3400mAh Li-ion internal battery is USB rechargeable via micro USB cable.
  • Depending on mode, up to an additional three hours of super-low output are available when listed runtimes expire. Trust us, someday you'll need this.
  • Steady High mode: 1250 lumens for 1:30 hours
  • Steady Medium mode: 600 lumens for 3:00 hours
  • Steady Low mode: 300 lumens for 6:00 hours
  • Press-and-hold to turn off, long press-and-hold to enter secondary modes.
  • Steady Flash mode: 300 + 300 lumens for 4:00 hours
  • Daytime Flash mode: 450 lumens for 20:00 hours
  • Very low mode: 120 lumens for 10:00 hours
  • Super low mode: 60 lumens for 20:00 hours
  • Extra-long press-and-hold to lockout light for travelling.

新款的Flux车前灯延续了Flux系列的传统,具有更科学的照明光型,多种安装选项搭配坚固的结构。 与Flux 1200相比,Flux 1250增强了输出流明和续航时间,可置入头盔和相机式安装座,同时价格也更美好。 BOOM!

“模式转换”用户界面为您提供了三种常亮模式,用于选择合适的流明以配合您的骑行条件。 长按可进入二级模式,在该模式下,您将找到“稳定闪烁”模式以提高您在城市条件下的可见度,这是一个适合在白天或Bikepacking旅行时使用的模式,续航时间长达10到20小时。 或者当您忘记充电,需要压榨电池电量的最后几个百分比。

IPX7防水意味着这款车灯可以在1米深的水中浸泡30分钟而幸免于难。 不,这不是为了潜水。 但是可以帮助您应对雨天骑行。

  • 特意打造的双光束光型把亮度聚集在您需要的位置,支持宽光和窄光切换,更好地利用每一流明。这是手电筒式照明灯无法实现的照明效果。
  • 新款CREE XP-L高亮度LED结合XM-L级别的输出,采用非球面3.5mm封装,带来高流明和更好的光型控制。
  • 快拆车把安装座可用于22.2, 25.4和31.8mm车把,安装系统可以将车灯居中置于把立的前方,上方或者下方,拥有长延展以避开各种码表安装座或者变速/刹车线管。
  • 还提供头盔安装座和运动相机式安装座,使您有更多种选择来照亮夜晚。
  • li>优质的3400mAh锂离子内置电池可通过micro USB充电线进行USB充电。
  • 根据工作模式,达到列出的续航极限时,最多还可以提供三个小时的超低亮度照明。 相信我们,总有一天您会需要这个。
  • 高明常亮模式:1250流明,持续1.5小时
  • 中等常亮模式:600流明,持续3小时
  • 低亮常亮模式:300流明,持续6小时
  • 长按关闭,再长按进入二级模式