Ground Control Fat

Ground Control Fat

Part No.: 00114-5065

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The Ground Control Fat tire uses similar knob shapes as the narrower versions in order to offer the best climbing, braking, and cornering traction for your fat bike excursions. No matter the conditions, you'll be able to ride with confidence an... Read More

Ground Control Fat外胎采用了与更窄版本相似的胎齿形状,为您的胖胎车之旅带来更好的爬坡,刹车和过弯循迹性。在各种环境下您都能充满信心地骑行,获得更多的乐趣。
  • 胎体:26" 120 TPI, 20"和24" 60TPI
  • 胎唇:26"折叠,20"和24"钢丝,26x4.0"丁基胶包边,2Bliss准真空
  • 胶质:60a
  • 26 x 4.0";气压范围(psi):15-25;重量约1290g
  • 26 x 4.6";气压范围(psi):5-20;重量约1450g