Hover Expert Alloy Handlebars – 15mm Rise

Hover Expert Alloy 车把 – 15mm 抬升

Part No.: 21017-2038

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In terms of both comfort and performance, anywhere that your body touches the bike is of the utmost importance. That's why we designed the Hover Expert Alloy Handlebars to excel on both fronts. Starting with the construction, they're made from our... Read More
要同时获得舒适和性能,您身体和自行车的接触点都是极端重要的。所以我们设计了Hover Expert铝合金车把,让您二者兼顾。从材料选择开始,它们采用抽管高品质铝合金,以带来更好的重量和刚性。舒适性方面,最终还是取决于调适,所以它们采用浅下沉和弯曲,非常舒适,同时拥有15毫米抬升以适应更大的调适范围。
  • 2014高品质抽管铝合金制造,高强度设计
  • 15mm抬升带来大的车手调适范围
  • 浅弯把:123毫米下沉x75毫米前伸量