Kids' Body Geometry Gloves

儿童 Body Geometry 手套

Part No.: 67019-1811

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These comfy Body Geometry gloves are the perfect fit for future cycling stars.

  • Soft foam padding keeps hands comfortable and protected.
  • Single-layer palm improves bar feel, control, and durability.
  • Top of hand is c... Read More
这款舒适的Body Geometry手套很适合未来的骑行之星。
  • 泡沫衬垫柔软舒适,保护手掌
  • 单层手掌垫片有利于提升车把触感,提升控制性和舒适性。
  • 手套表面采用最具透气性的弹性材料打造。
  • 手背上的开口设计便于穿戴。