Men's Body Geometry Grail Long Finger Gloves

男士 Body Geometry Grail 长指手套

Part No.: 67115-1433

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Featuring a proprietary pad system designed by Dr. Kyle Bickel M.D., our Grail Long Finger gloves are ergonomically designed for the best possible fit and protection. They're scientifically tested to help reduce hand numbness by improving circu... Read More

我们的Grail 长指手套采用由Kyle Bickel 医学博士设计的专有衬垫系统,符合人体工程学设计,可为您提供良好的贴合和保护。 经过科学测试,这款手套可以通过平衡手部软组织的血液循环和均衡手部压力来帮助降低手部麻木感。 此外,手背使用透气网布,掌心采用耐用的合成皮革,并配备了我们备受赞誉的Equalizer™凝胶衬垫。配备Wiretap™,可操控触屏。

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