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Men's Element Jacket

Men's Element Jacket

Part No. 64420-4101

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There"s cold and then there"s freezing cold. And while finding the perfect jacket at either end of the spectrum is pretty easy, the temperature range in between is where you"ll spend the majority of your time on the road. Of course, this makes finding the perfect jacket pretty tough, that is until you pickup our Men"s Element Jacket. The jacket is made from one of the most venerable materials in the business, three-layer softshell, and it"s placed to provide full coverage and protection. As its name suggests, this material is extremely wind- and water-resistant. But what its name doesn"t tell you is that it"s also highly efficient at wicking moisture away from the skin, while also remaining soft against the skin and quite breathable. This fabric also possesses the perfect amount of stretch, which complements the articulated cycling cut of the jacket. Essentially, this all adds up to a complete freedom of movement throughout the motions of cycling, which equates to the elimination of any rubbing, pinching, or chafing. The Element Jacket also includes other weather-fighting properties, like an offset front zipper that prevents drafts and keeps the zipper off of your chin. There are also wrist seals that prevent air and water from infiltrating the jacket via the sleeve openings, and a pop collar that performs similar duties at the neck opening.
  • Exclusive three-layer softshell fabric features a four-way stretch that provides maximum mobility, articulation, and comfort.
  • Three external storage pockets are located on the back, as well as one zippered secure pocket.
  • Reflective details increase your visiblity to motorists and fellow trail users in low-light conditions.
天气有凉有冰冷,要找到适应两端气温的夹克比较容易,但是在中间的气温范围才是您会在公路上的大部分时间所遇到的,这让寻找适合这个气温范围的骑行夹克变得非常困难,直到您拿起我们的男士 Element 夹克。


Element 夹克还包含其他对抗天气的属性,例如偏置前拉链不宜耸起并且让拉链头远离您的下巴。还有腕部收口以防止空气和水通过袖口侵入,颈部可拉起的领口也拥有这样的功能。