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Men's Merino Seamless Long Sleeve Base Layer

Men's Merino Seamless Long Sleeve Base Layer

Part No. 64119-0501

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The Merino Seamless Long Sleeve Base Layer is the holy grail of base layers. As cozy as your favorite pair of wool slippers, yet it transfers moisture like water going through osmosis. It's the perfect recipe for a cool-weather layer courtesy of its Merino and synthetic fabrics.

The science behind it is pretty simple. The synthetic yarns pull moisture away from the skin and distributes it across a large surface area where it can be rapidly evaporated. So when you think about it, no moisture buildup means that you won't experience any clammy chills as a result of dramatic temperature swings, and your skin, jersey, and jacket are going to remain dry in order to leave you comfortable.

So, when you need to remain consistently warm on chilly days, look no further than this cool weather staple.

美利奴 Seamless 长袖骑行内衣是内衣中的佼佼者。舒适度爆表,就像您的羊毛拖鞋一样,且具有优秀的水分管理能力,帮助快速排汗。美利奴与合成纤维的良好混纺配比,是您在寒冷的天气里理想选择。 这背后的科学其实非常简单。基础层是由混合物所合成,疏水性VaporRize™纤维与美利奴羊毛纱是天然亲水性的,这意味着他们倾向于将湿气带离皮肤。当它们发挥作用时,我们的共混纤维能够利用巨大的表面积加速蒸发水气。所以,您想想看,没有水分积聚意味着您将几乎不会遇到由剧烈温度变化带来的是冷汗寒颤,而您的皮肤,骑行服和外套都将保持干燥,让您舒爽。 所以,当你需要在寒冷的日子里保持温暖时,无需再纠结选择了。