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Men's Race-Series Wind Jacket

Men's Race-Series Wind Jacket

Part No. 64421-6913

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The Race-Series Wind Jacket excels on blustery-cold days. With a 100% Recycled Polyester Wind Shell, this jacket keeps wind from chilling your bones, all while being packable enough to throw in a pocket while you head up the next ascent.

  • 100% Recycled Polyester Wind Shell provides a sustainable solution to wind resistance on any ride.
  • Lightweight fabric and minimal construction allows jacket to be packed into your jersey pocket when it isn't needed.
  • Protective front panels keep the wind from permeating into your ride, keeping you comfortable even on the steepest of descents.
  • Back mesh panel allows for maximum ventilation as your body builds up heat and energy inside the jacket.
  • Slim Fit closely and precisely conforms to the curves of the body, ensuring an unrivaled level of fit. and comfort, while still allowing room for a jersey or baselayer underneath.

Race-Series 防风夹克在寒冷的日子里表现出色。 这款外套采用100%可再生聚酯外壳,将冷风挡在体外,同时轻薄易收纳,方便您在下一次放坡前将它放在口袋。

  • 100% 可再生聚酯纤维外壳提供了一种可持续的解决方案,多种骑行环境可用于防风。
  • 轻盈的面料和小巧的结构使背心可以在不需要时装在您的骑行服口袋中。
  • 前胸防护,免受冷风侵袭,放坡时也能确保舒适。
  • 后背网面材料,通风更强,避免热量堆积。
  • 修身版型,贴合身体曲线,穿着舒适,同时为下层骑行服留足空间。
  • 面料含量:前胸:100%涤纶编织;后背:82%尼龙,18%氨纶针织网面。