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Men's RBX Bib Shorts

Men's RBX Bib Shorts

Part No. 64219-8601

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When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of bib shorts, comfort is everything. And for anyone whose rides demand premium materials, superior fit, and cutting-edge technologies, the new RBX bib shorts are sure to be your jam.

We designed an open suspender fit and bib construction that's engineered to keep the shorts up and in-place without constricting the upper body. The stretchy elastic suspenders are uber plush and soft against the skin, and accommodate taller torso lengths with ease.Silicone-infused fabric cuffs, meanwhile, provide a gentle, secure hold on the legs in order to ensure the perfect, shift-free fit.

Our new Body Geometry Contour chamois also adds unrivaled comfort by minimizing its total footprint and keeping only what's structurally necessary. This minimizes pressure on nerves and soft tissue, while also maintaining the optimal level of support.

怎样才算是优秀的骑行短裤?舒适就是一切!不管您骑得快还是慢,重要的是要知道您会很舒服。对于那些想要同时拥有优质材料、超强舒适度和先进技术的车手来说,全新RBX背带骑行短裤带是您理想的选择。 开放式的背带结构是为了保持背带骑行裤在适当的位置,而无需使上半身受到压力。能伸长的弹性背带拥有非常舒适且柔软皮肤触感,它们也可轻松适和更高大的骑士。硅胶注入面料收口带来温和而稳妥的固定效果,以保持贴合,不会移动。 我们全新的 Body Geometry Contour 裤垫,通过减少表面积并保留必要的结构来增加舒适度,减少褶皱和痛点,减轻了对敏感部位神经和软组织的压力,同时保留了优秀的支撑性能。