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Men's Seamless Sleeveless Base Layer

Men's Seamless Sleeveless Base Layer

Part No. 64119-0852

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To sleeve or not to sleeve—that is the question. Sure, it all boils down to a matter of preference, but the objective remains the same for any cycling base layer: increase comfort and maintain a consistent body temperature. And while others might try, nothing delivers like our Seamless Sleeveless Base Layer.

The science behind it is pretty simple. The synthetic yarns pull moisture away from the skin and distributes it across a large surface area where it can be rapidly evaporated. So when you think about it, no moisture buildup means that you won't experience any clammy chills as a result of dramatic temperature swings, and your skin, jersey, and jacket are going to remain dry in order to leave you comfortable.

And furthering this, it features a seamless construction that increases comfort by eliminating seam-induced chafing throughout the base layer. This occurs by eliminating points where the materials could possibly bunch, while the design also creates the added benefit of a next-to-skin level of fit that benefits both comfort and moisture wicking. We also furthered this concept by incorporating targeted ventilation zones throughout the base layer, as well as a cycling-specific cut and targeted stretch that creates the proper "push-pull" for the movements of cycling. It's comfort taken to another level.

  • Synthetic yarns are blended to have a soft feel and move moisture away from the skin all while providing the perfect amount of compression.
  • Targeted stretch and support areas are built-in, ensuring it moves with your body while you're riding.
  • Seamless construction provides the best fit and eliminates chafing.
  • Form Fit closely and precisely conforms to the curves of the body, ensuring an unrivaled level of fit.
  • Fabric Content: 55% Nylon, 40% Polyester, 5% Spandex
要不要袖子——这是个哲学问题。当然,最终还是看个人偏好。不过最终目标对骑行内衣来说都是一样的。提升舒适性并且保持稳定的体温。在这一点上我们的男士 Seamless 短袖骑行内衣性能过人。 其背后的科学原理很简单。内衣采用我们的VaporRize™针织面料,将水汽抽离皮肤并分散到更大的面积,这样它就可以快速地蒸发。所以您可以设想一下,没有水汽的堆积意味着您几乎不会体验到由于气温大幅变化带来的冰凉的寒颤。您的皮肤,骑行服,以及夹克都能够保持干燥,让您保持舒适。 更进一步,Seamless 结构减少了内衣接缝带来的摩擦,从而提高了舒适性。另外也消除了面料可能褶皱层叠的位置。这样的设计同时带来犹如第二层皮肤一般的贴合,对舒适性和排汗性都有好处。我们还将这个概念做了延伸,加入了有目的性的透气区域,以及专为骑行设计的弹力区域,在骑行中带来合适的推拉效果。它将舒适性推向了新的高度。