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Men's SL Pro Long Finger Gloves

Men's SL Pro Long Finger Gloves

Part No. 67118-2104

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To complement their superb fit and breathability, our SL Pro Long Finger gloves feature our LifeLine™ palm construction for optimal hand-to-bar contact. This delivers maximum control and total comfort when over long distances. You'll also find a smooth suede palm for security and an enhanced feel, and there’s also a slip-on cuff that creates an incredible fit. And lastly, phone use is a non-issue, as the fingertips are designed to be touchscreen-compatible. With all of these features, it's no wonder the SL Pro Gloves are the choice of racers.

为了更好的贴合和透气性,我们的SL Pro长指手套采用了LifeLine™掌心防皱设计,来实现手和车把的良好衔接,即使长距离骑行,也能持续为您提供优秀的操控性和舒适度。掌心采用平滑的绒面革,确保安全性,增强手感。同时还采用套穿式束口设计,打造出人意料的贴合感。手机的使用也不成问题。触屏兼容,即使戴着手套,您亦可无忧使用手机。拥有所有这些功能,SL Pro 手套是竞技骑士的理想选择。