Men's SL Pro Softshell Jacket

男士 SL Pro 软壳夹克

Part No.: 64422-3402

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While finding the perfect jacket at either end of the temperature spectrum is pretty easy, the temperature range in between is where you'll spend the majority of your time on the road—and that's where the SL Pro Softshell Jacket shines. It's st... Read More

虽然要找到适应高气温或者低气温的夹克都相对容易,但是中间温度才是您在路上的大部分时间所经历的环境。而这也是SL Pro软壳夹克擅长的范畴。它防风、防泼水、有弹力,让您在季节转换之际保持温暖。

  • 背后三个口袋和一个拉链口袋安全收纳您的骑行随身物品,并且便于取放
  • 面料成分: 前部: 88% 涤纶, 12% 聚氨酯; 其他: 84% 聚酰胺, 16% 弹力纤维