Men's Trail Air Gloves

男士 Trail Air手套

Part No.: 67121-3002

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Our Trail Air Gloves have been designed for maximum ventilation. With a micro-vented, perforated palm, a lightweight breathable back of hand, and power knit mesh between your fingers, these gloves are ready for even the hottest trail days.
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我们的全新Trail Air手套设计旨在提供更高的通风性能。采用打孔手掌材质,轻盈透气的手背,手指间则是Power Knit网布,这款手套已经准备好迎接林道中炎热的夏天。
  • 打孔手掌材质带来更好的透气性
  • 轻盈而高透气性的手背面料让您更加凉爽
  • 手指间的Power Knit网布带来更多的空气流通
  • 立体纹路的潜水布腕口带有小孔,清爽、舒适、稳固
  • 可操控触摸屏。
  • 面料成分: 手背: 82% 尼龙, 18% PU; 手掌: 80% 涤纶, 20% 氨纶