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Men's Trail Alpha Jacket

Men's Trail Alpha Jacket

Part No. 64421-9401

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Our Trail Alpha Jacket utilizes Polartec® Alpha® to bring warmth to your cold-weather days. The soft, inside liner quickly evaporates sweat keeping you warm and dry. With a casual style, it's right at home on the trail or enjoying a post-ride beverage around the fire pit.
  • Polartec® Alpha® Direct Insulation increases breathable performance in this super lightweight mid-layer.
  • Alpha® technology eliminates the need for a backing fabric, which allows the fabric to be in direct contact with your skin.
  • Lofted fibers keep you extremely warm, while allowing sweat and heat to expel from your body.
  • Exterior shell fabric is engineered to breathe even better and move moisture from the insulation to the exterior to dry—keeping you dryer than ever before.
  • Relaxed Fit Trail Jacket is loose and comfortable, and also provides plenty of room for layering underneath.
  • Fabric Content: SHELL: 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex; LINING: 100% Polyester.

我们的Trail-Series Alpha 保暖夹克采用Polartec® Alpha®技术,在寒冷的天气给您温暖。柔软的内衬可帮助汗水快速蒸发,使您的身体保持温暖干燥。休闲风格,适合在林道驿站或在篝火旁喝一杯时穿着。

  • Polartec® Alpha® Direct 保暖面料,透气性上佳。
  • Alpha® 技术无需内衬,面料可直接贴合皮肤。
  • 翘曲纤维保暖效果上佳,同时允许汗水与多余的热量排出体外。
  • 外层面料经过特殊设计,透气性更好,并帮助将水分从保温层转移至外部,从而使您的身体保持干燥。
  • 宽松版型,穿着舒适,留有充足空间给内搭衣物。
  • 面料含量:外壳:85%尼龙,15%氨纶;衬里:100%涤纶。