Men's Trail Neoshell Rain Jacket

男士 Trail Neoshell防雨夹克

Part No.: 64421-9201

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On a mission to make wet rides a little more enjoyable, we've developed the Men's Trail Neoshell Rain Jacket. With the latest technology in waterproofing, Polartec® Neoshell®, this jacket is extremely breathable and stretchy, all while being co... Read More

为了使雨天的骑行更有趣,我们开发了全新的男士 Trail Neoshell防雨夹克。 凭借新的Polartec®Neoshell®防水技术,这款夹克兼具透气性和弹力,同时完全防水。 宽松的款式也适合在通勤路上和日常使用。
  • 全压胶接缝防止雨水渗入,让您保持干燥,并且经久耐用
  • YKK AquaGuard®防水拉链防止水分侵入
  • 可以戴在头盔外的帽兜带有遮雨的帽檐和可调的抽绳,保护您的头部免受外部风雨侵扰
  • 面料成分:90%聚酯纤维,10%氨纶