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Phenom Expert

Phenom Expert

Part No. 27217-2203

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The Phenom Expert was designed for comfort and strength over long days on the road or trail. It features a carbon-reinforced shell with outer-edges that conform to your body for a near-custom fit. This version, unlike the Pro, has rugged titanium rails for lightweight durability, and like the Pro, it has our medium density, Level II Padding for ample support and comfort. Likewise, at the tail, you'll find the Phenom hallmarks of a rounded, anti-snag design, and throughout the saddle, an expertly-tuned construction that provides the ideal degree of both stiffness and efficiency.

Phenom Expert是一款为了长时间林道骑行的舒适性和强度设计的座垫。它采用碳纤维加强基板,拥有我们的Adaptive Edge设计,让坐垫外沿能依照骑士身体弯曲,带来接近定制的贴合。与Pro不同,这个版本拥有坚固的钛合金导轨,保持重量轻盈。像Pro一样,它采用了我们中等密度的二级衬垫,带来充足的支撑和舒适性。同样的,坐垫尾部采用了Phenom著名的,圆润,防钩的设计,整个坐垫的结构经过精心调教,提供刚性和效率的有机结合。具有柔软边缘的碳纤维外壳适应你的身体,像定制般给你全天的舒适。