Pizza Bag

Pizza Bag

Part No. 41117-5600

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The jury is in, and the verdict is that our Pizza Rack is awesome. It's small enough to feel out of the way and far from cumbersome, but big enough to haul some serious cargo when needed. But until now, there hasn't been a bag to interface with it. Well, we'd like you to meet our Pizza Bag.

It's specifically designed to work with the Pizza Rack, and it's loaded with awesome features like a padded interior that keeps its contents safe and protected, plus a urethane-coated, weatherproof construction that'll stand up to Mother Nature when she's in one of her moods.

我们的Pizza 架很棒。它小到让人觉得不碍事,也不笨重,但大到可以在需要的时候运送一些重要的货物。但此前一直没有合适的包可以与之连接。嗯,我们想让你看看我们的Pizza包。 它是专门为Pizza Rack货架设计的,有很多很棒的功能,比如内部有衬垫,可以保护里面食物的安全,还附有聚氨酯涂层,可以在大地母亲情绪激动的时候抵抗她。