Pizza Rack

Pizza Rack货架

Part No.: 98916-5520

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The Pizza Rack was designed to be a stout companion piece to any around-town commuter or touring rig. It can hold sizeable cargo, up to 15 kilograms (33lbs), rather comfortably. And knowing that most people are always looking for extra storage ... Read More

Pizza Rack货架应该是您市区通勤或骑游座驾的坚实伴侣。它可以承载不小的行李,提供高达15公斤的载重且不影响您的舒适性。我们知道很多人都想要更多的收纳空间,它可以兼容支持13mm或更大尺寸支架的侧挂包。

  • 载重15kg (33lbs)
  • 13mm支架采用轻盈的铝合金制成
  • 可以装载兼容13mm或更大尺寸支架的侧挂包
  • 顶部的平台可以多装一个包