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Plug and Play Fender Set v2

Plug and Play Fender Set v2

Part No. 98916-5015

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There's nothing more telling than a trail of dirt and grime up your back from a wet or debris-filled ride. These fenders are your new best friend. Lightweight and robust, they feature an anodized finished and give your bike an added boost of high style, and protect both you and anyone taking advantage of your draft. Supports Plug and Play frame and fork mounting.

后背的一道污渍相当明确地暗示了您刚刚结束一次潮湿或者肮脏路面的骑行。这款挡泥板将会成为您新的挚友。它们轻盈耐用,拥有阳极处理表面,给您的车也增色不少,同时还能保护您和您身后跟车的骑士。支持Plug + Play车架和前叉安装座。