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Part No.: 06217-1702

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Not all chainrings are created equal, and if you need proof of this, look no further than these chainrings that Praxis made exclusively for us. Their custom design revolves around a cold forged and hard-anodized 7075 T6 Aluminum that's incredibly ... Read More
并不是所有的盘片都一样,如果你需要证据,可以仔细观察一下这些为我们定制的Praxis盘片。它的定制设计基于冷锻并硬质阳极氧化的7075 T6铝合金,刚性十足并且重量轻盈。Praxis加入了专门设计的变速坡道,让盘片间的换档平顺而精准
  • Praxis专门为SPECIALIZED定制设计
  • 冷锻,热处理后阳极硬化处理的7075 T6铝材
  • 兼容Campagnolo,Shimano和SRAM 10-/11速牙盘