Primaloft® Lightweight Tall Logo Socks

Primaloft® Lightweight Tall Logo骑行袜

Part No.: 64722-3412

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Our Primaloft® Lightweight socks utilize Primaloft® polyester yarn to keep your feet warm in a variety of temperatures, all without overheating or being excessively bulky.

  • Primaloft® polyester yarn offers the best thermal performanc... Read More

我们的Primaloft® Lightweight骑行袜采用Primaloft®涤纶纱线,让您的双脚在较大的温度范围中保持温暖,却不会显得过于臃肿。

  • Primaloft®涤纶纱线在较大的温度范围中提供杰出的保暖性能
  • 筒高 - 18cm/7in,无缝脚趾结构
  • 面料成分: 45% 涤纶, 25% 聚丙烯, 25% 聚酰胺, 5% 弹力纤维