Prime-Series Thermal Beanie

Prime-Series Thermal 便帽

Part No.: 64821-0500


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The Prime-Series Thermal Beanie is perfect for cold days out on the road. With a brushed fleece interior, this beanie is plenty breathable, but gives you full coverage from the biting cold.

  • Fabric Content: 78% Polyester, 22% Elastane... Read More
Prime-Series 保暖便帽很适合在寒冷天气骑行佩戴。拥有抓绒内里并且透气性强,在严寒中为您带来全面的包裹。
  • 保暖面料,抓绒内里,保暖透气,良好的水分管理。
  • 可遮盖耳朵,减少皮肤裸露面积,以应对寒风。
  • 反光元素在低照度环境下提升您在机动车驾驶人眼中的可见度
  • 面料成分:78%涤纶,22弹力棉。

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