Prime-Series Thermal Neck Gaiter

Power Grid 保暖围脖

Part No.: 64821-0600

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A neck gaiter is one of the "must have" pieces of any cool to cold weather ride, and this Prime-Series Thermal Neck Gaiter is no exception. With the use of Polartec® Power Grid™ fabric, it keeps you plenty warm, without any added bulk.

颈套是寒冷天气骑行的“必备”部件之一,这件Power Grid保暖围脖也不例外。 采用Polartec™PowerGrid®面料,保暖效果好,且轻薄小巧。
  • 4向弹力面料,便于穿脱。
  • 面料成分:91%涤纶,9%氨纶针织。