Pro X-Tall Sock Treading Water

Pro X-Tall骑行袜Treading Water

Part No.: 63524-0602

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The Pro X-Tall Sock features VaporRize™ yarns that provide efficient moisture transfer and minimize friction while remaining soft and lightweight. Meanwhile, Meryl® Skinlife yarns fight odor with silver ions and move moisture to give you a dry,... Read More

Pro X-Tall骑行袜使用了能够高效吸湿排汗和减少摩擦,同时柔软且轻量的VaporRize™纱线。同时,Meryl® Skinlife纱线通过银离子来抵御异味产生,并且能高效排湿,为您的足部提供一个干爽的环境,且能够抑制细菌的产生。

  • 轻量的高性能骑行袜,且拥有柔软触感
  • 透气的编织结构和多孔网眼材料帮您维持足部清爽透气
  • PowerBand为足弓提供支撑,保持足部形态
  • 更深的后跟和脚趾空间,提高舒适性,同时更加合脚
  • 足底部定向纹路防滑设计